Romuald Hazoumé – Exit Ball
15/09/2009 - 24/10/2009

We know that the results of the votes by the ballot boxes do not correspond inevitably to the popular will In Africa or elsewhere.
It happens sometimes that the people share intense moments provided by planetary events. The Olympic games or the football World Cup can rub out for a while the hardships of life. It happens sometimes that one brutally feels the effects of laws that did not exist before these planetary events…
In 2010, South Africa will host the football World Cup. Africa, as well as the whole world, is preparing to live incredible moments.
Therefore, it is unlikely that the vote of unpopular laws abducts the front page from the sport results. But it is not impossible after all these rejoicings that the people bear the brunt of the ball and feel the effects of these new laws.
Exit Ball is about that. It is the giant balloon of the next World Cup, it is our planet, it is also the people illustrated by the tops of cut out cans that made the reputation of Romuald Hazoumé and it is also this large ball which could remain through the throat.
Exit Ball talks about the world, its hopes, the solidarity of the people, but also of overpopulation, political perversity, and the local and planetary problems.
Exit Ball, it is also the title of his first personal exhibition at aliceday. Exit Ball will include a choice of eleven original photographs.
The artist took the risk over the last years to follow the conveyors of Kpayo who cross the border of Nigeria to supply Benin with unnatural gasoline. Hundreds of liters are conveyed on pirogues, motorbikes, moped, scooters, bicycles, in cans, these same cans Romuald Hazoumé appropriates to bring them back to Europe in the form of masks sublimes. In Exit Ball, they will show the beauty and the dignity of the African woman. In all circumstances, they are elegant and keep smiling. “Women are the ones who give balance to the brutality of the system...” quotes Romuald Hazoumé.
Since the entire exhibition Exit Ball is related to this traffic of fuel cans, it was necessary that Romuald Hazoumé, in conformity with his culture, “makes the Fa” (divine geomancy, earmark of Êvé, Fon and Yoruba, his origin). I remember, in 1994 during his first exhibition at the Saatchi gallery in London, Romuald Hazoumé had made this spectacular ceremony in order to obtain the authorization to “ let go the masks”.
Today, Hazoumé prefers to give room to Orishas (Gods) in another manner by presenting three symbols, three paintings that authorize the making of the exhibition Exit Ball.

André Magnin
Exhibition from September 15th to October 24th, 2009.
Tuesday to Saturday from 14:00 to 18:00 and also by appointment.