BAMBAATAA (Robert Watts, 
Haim Steinbach, 
Liza May Post, Dewar & Gicquel, 
Frédéric Platéus, Natalia Brilli)
24/03/2010 - 29/05/2010

A group show curated by Der Kommissare François Curlet

Robert Watts (USA)

Haim Steinbach (ISR)

Liza May Post (NLD)

Dewar & Gicquel (GBR/FRA)

Frédéric Platéus (BEL)

Natalia Brilli (BEL)

The exhibition’s title Bambaataa has an onomatopoeic resonance, a remastered ethnic note…

A ricocheting fugue on the manipulation and production of objects made with a edgy meticulousness: a horizontal response from Haim Steinbach; physical and analogical for Dewar & Gicquel; glacial and analytic by Robert Watts; the mises en scène charged with intense psychological tension from Liza-May Post; the forthright unstitching of urban appropriations by Frédéric Platéus and the inch-perfect products of Natalia Brilli.
This selection takes the form of a rebus with the intention of giving an interlaced, visceral reading from objects both heterogeneous and familiar, all produced with conviction.