Gauthier Leroy
Kiss My Folk
20/03/2009 - 18/04/2009

Kiss My Folk

aliceday is proud to present the first solo show in Belgium of Gauthier Leroy.
The work of this young French artist (b. 1967) is similar to a treasure hunt in which the public are invited to ask questions about the hidden reverse of things and their true origins. In fact, one of the most important aspects of his work is the creation of links between the different pieces, entirely hand-made by the artist, by means of word play and visual connivance.
In order to return to the source of things, he dissects historical works, myths and symbolic objects of collective memory which belong to design, language, architecture or music. Here, guitars are presented like empty shells, customised and non-functional. To him they evoke peeled peanuts and then by a leap of association, the famous American brand logo Mister Peanut, invented in 1914. Accordingly several pieces relate to brands and logos as these old knitted advertising images. In this respect there are many possible readings of the pieces, which refer to the manipulation of both meaning and image and are presented as objects ready to be to reactivated.