Aurelie Salavert
Aurélie Salavert - rendez (-) vous un voyage
29/01/2011 - 12/03/2011

rendez (-) vous un voyage

It was a day like any other, absolutely unique.
The captain was aboard. In his cabin of varnished wood, he was still sleeping. If someone had been there, they would have seen a blissful smile on his lips. A vermillion angel of unparalleled brilliance, like those from primitive paintings, carried him through the sky for a white and frosty moon, holding him in its arms, close to its body, the gentle face against his, covered by its wings, cradled by an inner warmth that nothing could extinguish. They were there, and always slept with no purpose or plan other than to hold onto this miracle of life. It lasted a long time, an indefinable time .
But caught by the feet at the bottom of the sea, by two foolish sardines disguised as sharks, and torn from his guardian angel, he was dragged in deep and murky waters. These toothless sardines full of distress, chased their own ghosts, throwing out sos signals here and there in vain for no one, bewildered, having lost joy, faith and all control.
It's then that the captain was awakened and rescued by his wife with a tender kiss on his unconscious forehead. He smiled, got up, drank a black coffee, went on deck where his child was already running around. He hoisted the mainsail to the wind, took off and soon the land disappeared. The sun was shining, the water translucent and the air so clear you could see infinity.
A beautiful day began, a day like any other, absolutely unique.

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