St├ęphane Calais
Habiller le "e"
23/09/2008 - 08/11/2008

Born in 1967, Stéphane Calais  is a major artist on the French contemporary art scene. This has been confirmed by his nomination for the prestigious Marcel Duchamp prize, the outcome of which will be announced in Paris, in October, at the FIAC.

Coming from a playful and decorative angle, the work of Stéphane Calais offers an original and coherent vision which doesn't pay lip service to current fashions and the surrounding conformity.
Drawing is the essential core of his practice, but in fact, in order to protect a form of creative liberty, the multifaceted nature of his work privileges no particular medium. With a humorous slant, the artist focuses mainly on the creative process in mutation with explicit reference to design, comics and the traditional work of poster designers. Meaning is never stated clearly, but the title of the work, fundamental, is open to multiple interpretations.
For his exhibition in aliceday, Stéphane Calais presents a large installation in the main space where he lays out strips of white fitted carpet along its entire length. Double impressions or blurring is created in certain areas with black paint to evoke a drawing pad or sketch book. Large screenprints will also be presented, which have for their base herbarium flowers. These will be accompanied by a special edition. Completing this exhibition will be paintings, which as entities are degraded and abstract records of color splashes and dots of ink, mixing abstraction and representation and creating an imbalance between the pictorial and the sculptural.